DSC_3962Often times, I’m uncertain from where I draw inspiration. Our minds are so filled with information – information we may not even be consciously aware of – that we can think we are creating something genuine and new, when really we are pulling reference from something we have seen or read without being fully aware of it. When I posted the image above to instagram it was met with such sweet and kind words, and many people commented “So Millais” and “Ophelia”. It was an Aha! moment for me. The painting called ‘Ophelia’ by Millais is an image I was immediately taken by when I first saw it (it was actually the cover photo on my FB for a long time). I’ve always been quite interested in the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood and the art they produced during this time period, so in a way, it only makes sense that these images have been deeply rooted in my mind, siting there, waiting for me to pluck little bits of inspiration from them. And because of my long, wavy red hair, it’s easy for people to make a connection between me and the women in these paintings, heck, I even feel a connection sometimes.
All this to say, it has got me thinking about consciously producing work inspired by some of these Pre-Raphaelite paintings – putting my giant red mane to work and creating something from the images that I have so often reveled in.DSC_3983DSC_3959


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