A Dress for Always

I’ve had this pinafore since December, but am only getting around to photographing it now. To be honest, I think I only had only worn it once or twice before this, which is quite unusual for me, since I am notorious for wearing new pieces to death. I think the problem was, in my mind, it seemed way more holiday inspired than it actually is. So once the holiday season was over, I thought this pinafore might be too over the top. But after looking back at the photographs I took, I realized that the navy really pops (especially when paired with navy tights), and sort of cancels out the holiday-esque effect that red and green have together. Instead, it’s quite a striking colour combination, especially when photographed against light, muted tones, such as my lamp, wall hanging and stark white walls. Plus it matches our arm chair (which Beans LOVES, as you can see), so that’s an aesthetically pleasing bonus. Needless to say, this will not be one of my “only appropriate for holidays” dresses.

Do you guys have any pieces you avoid wearing and save for the holidays? Have you ever thought you couldn’t wear a piece because it was reminiscent of colour combinations associated with a specific holiday?

Pinafore: Miss Patina
Blouse: vintage via Public Butter
Hat: gift
Tights: H&M


10 thoughts on “A Dress for Always

  1. Sarah DeBoice (@sarahwindy) says:

    Wow I LOVE this piece and your fabulous hat too. You honestly have one of the greatest hat collections I’ve ever seen, up there with Hannah Metz! 😀 I used to feel a bit weird wearing glitter at times of the year other than Christmas, but now I’ve fully embraced it, obv. xo


  2. Jessica Cangiano says:

    It’s thoroughly charming and not overly holiday season-esque to me in the slightest. You look wonderful! I really do find, as you nailed here, that adding in a non-traditional Christmas colour when sporting red and green together is the best way to dial down its December-ness. Grey and cream are two of my faves, with all shades of blue/teal/aqua being some others I reach for often in this context.


  3. Jamie Rose (Petite Panoply) says:

    I definitely have pieces I only wear around the holidays. A lot of them are for cold weather though and it’s usually warm here. I really love this pinafore you’re wearing here though. I don’t think it’s overly holiday-ish! The ruffled top you styled with it is really cue.


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