One Leg At A Time

I think this could be the very first time I am wearing trousers in an outfit post. While my wardrobe is predominantly skirts and dresses, I do actually own a few pairs of trousers, one pair of jeans (which I bought recently and are flared highwaisted 70s dreams) and some other pants I’ve had for years that I’ll wear, say, when I’m walking the dog, cleaning the house…etc. I own these things, and yet they often collect dust or are my ‘I don’t care if they get ruined’ clothes. This is mostly because I don’t really feel much like myself when I wear pants, so they often get ignored as a viable option for outfits. But every time I see that sort of cool, late 60s look of cigarette trousers and a casual untucked fitted top (Mad Men, I’m talking about you…), I wish to myself that I owned more pairs of that style, because those pants actually feel like me – casual, but not lazy, dresses down and yet still pulled together. These pants I’m wearing feel pretty darn close to that style, although I do wish they were a bit higher waisted, but meh, we can’t win em all I guess.

What about you guys?! Do you have an styles you avoid? Things you are hesitant to wear? Garments that collect dust?
Blouse: vintage via Local 23
Trousers: H&M
Shoes: Sylvie and Shimmy


7 thoughts on “One Leg At A Time

    • Larkspur Vintage says:

      teehee!! thank you!! my wee bum! ya, the pattern is what drew me to them. And totally feel you on wearing pants once a year. Most of my pants I have had for years and just can’t get rid of for whatever reason, or i’ll buy some that I fancy, but feel weird wearing. I’m not sure what is happening, but I’m trying to give pants a go more often these days.


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