Beauty / So Chaud by MAC

The lipstick I wear most often – and probably my favourite shade of late – is So Chaud by MAC. I actually got this lipstick for free after bringing back some empties to MAC (for their recycling program) and I asked one of the gals there to suggest a colour to me (I’ve never been that great at picking lipstick shades for myself, it’s always just standard red), and she couldn’t have been more spot on in her pick. It’s a creamy matte lipstick in a red/orange shade, and while a lot of people find mattes drying, I don’t find this one to be that bad, but that’s just me. The red with orange undertones is oh so perfect for my skin tone, and I like that in low lighting it looks quite red, but in bright lighting it has a definite orange tint to it.

How I apply lipstick.
When I apply my lipstick I make sure to put some chapstick on first to help with any drying the lipstick may cause, and then I always outline with a lip liner in order to really bring out the shape of my lips and to have the most precise application. From there I just fill in my lips and then using a kleenex, I put that between my lips – giving it a little peck – to take off any excess lipstick, which I also think it helps to make it last longer. After that, I do one more application of my lipstick, and I’m done. Easy peasy.

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