Teddy Bear Picnic

I failed to mention on here (but I did on instagram) that my little Gus has been sick all week. He ended up staying at the vet overnight yesterday because it had been 3 days since he had eaten (and this is a little guy who LOVES food), on top of vomiting and nasty, nasty diarrhea. Up until this morning I was quite concerned and we weren’t entirely sure what was going on…maybe he has pancreatitis, maybe he has a foreign body…it could be any number of things, really. But FINALLY he ate this morning, which was met with a huge sigh of relief from both Ryan and I. After losing Gertie last year, I’m always worried about Gus and his well being. This little guy has been with me for just over 4 years and needless to say, I’m quite attached to the little cloud ❤ So let’s hope he continues to get better and is back to his usual silly self.

These photos are from our last day in Barrie and feel quite fitting for today – just Ryan and I, and our happy little teddy bear.
(see my outfit details here)


6 thoughts on “Teddy Bear Picnic

  1. niki says:

    So happy to hear Gus is doing well! My pup Lucille was a little off last week and I was nearly in tears leaving her at home while I went to work. Anyways, love these pics– the best little families have little doggies in them! ❤


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