Pastel Dress Party: Three Ways To Wear A Tutu

Larkspur Vintage | 3 Ways To Wear A TutuTutus have been in my life since I was a wee one, and my two favourite tutus have always been pancake tutus and romantic tutus. Obviously pancake tutus are not at all practical for everyday life (a hazard, really), but romantic tutus…well they can most certainly be worn everyday. For years I wore them on stage during ballet performances, and then during my goth years for what I like to call my “Tim Burton Goth” aesthetic, but it has been ages since then. So, I was pretty darn excited to receive this blush Kimmy skirt from Pastel Dress Party to add a little of my old self into my present wardrobe. Unless you are a little outspoken in dress, tutus can be a scary thing to wear, so I thought I’d share three ways to wear a tutu, just switching up the top, shoes and lip colour (and hair), to give you options for a casual look, a night time look and a party look.
Larkspur Vintage | 3 Ways To Wear A TutuLarkspur Vintage | 3 Ways To Wear A TutuT-shirt: thrifted, Shoes: Rachel Antonoff  x Bass

Casual: To give this skirt a dressed down look I paired it with a colourful floral t-shirt, saddle shoes (which could easily be swapped for sneakers) and I opted for no lipstick so it didn’t feel overtop and much more appropriate for daytime-lets get some ice cream-wear.
Larkspur Vintage | 3 Ways To Wear A TutuLarkspur Vintage | 3 Ways To Wear A TutuShirt: H&M (old), Shoes: H&M, Lipstick: Bourjois Fraise Remix

Night: For those evenings that you aren’t necessarily going to a fancy party but still want to look put together for a night out with pals, this would be an excellent outfit to try. I paired the tutu with a casual peter pan collar shirt, that looks quite sweet but is not at all fancy, a pair of black flats – because lets be real, if you are dancing with your friends all night, no one wants sore feet – a pink lip and a pony tail so you don’t have to worry about a rats nest on your head from said dancing mentioned above.
Larkspur Vintage | 3 Ways To Wear A TutuLarkspur Vintage | 3 Ways To Wear A TutuBlouse: H&M (old), Shoes: Seychelles, Lipstick: Kate Moss 01

Party: A formal event or party would be the obvious choice for a tutu, so this is likely the easiest outfit to try. I chose my swiss dot blouse with fluttery cap sleeves for a bit of elegance, sparkly red heels for an otherwise muted colour palette and a dainty white ribbon tied into a bow around the neck to add a sexy Parisian quality to the look. Top all that off with a matching red lip and you are looking like a Disney Princess babe, but better.
Larkspur Vintage | 3 Ways To Wear A TutuLarkspur Vintage | 3 Ways To Wear A TutuBut really, probably the most important thing to do with a tutu is to twirl in it and watch it float around…you don’t have to be a ballerina to appreciate the beauty and fun of a truly well made and gorgeous tutu…which means I’m pretty excited to be able to offer you guys 20% off the Kimmy Skirt with coupon code LARKSPUR at checkout ❤ Now we can all be pastel ballerinas together!


9 thoughts on “Pastel Dress Party: Three Ways To Wear A Tutu

  1. Bivisyani Q. (@alivegurl) says:

    Tutus have always been my favourite clothing item! But, you’re right, it’s scary to try wearing a tutu when you’re not sure you’re a ballerina at heart.
    Thank you for sharing these simple ways to dress up and down a tutu skirt. This piece, btw, is absolutely gorgeous and envy-worthy! My favourite styling is probably the casual one because it’s one I will always need, I think. You, lady, look gorgeous anyhow 😉

    Alive as Always


  2. Mona says:

    Wow you look absolutely amazing in a tutu! I love a tutu (it might be my ballet background) and you wear it so well.
    The styling options you’ve presented are so great. I especially love the 2nd one with the top with a peter pan collar. You are stunning, and look so graceful and elegant in the tutu. Lovely!


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