In With The New

Larkspur Vintage | In With The NewI mentioned before that I’ve been having a lot of trouble with my personal style, or rather, I don’t feel a connection to many of the clothes I own. I love pretty well everything I own, I do, but there are a ton of pieces that just don’t get much wear anymore. So, I’ve been making an effort to be a bit more thoughtful about what I do want to wear, acknowledging the pieces that have been getting the most wear and why that is. I think with each season my wants and needs for clothes change. Winter (and I guess Fall), it seems comfort, warmth and ease become far more important to me, or at least, that has been the case this Winter. As for the warmer months, I guess I am not certain yet, although I hear Summery co-ords calling my name. I don’t necessarily think I want a complete style overhaul…ya’ll know I will always love vintage and the ever adorable style of the 60s, but in a way I feel my direction steering more towards the ease of the 70s and wearings pants/trousers far more often. I really don’t think you will see much change around here, however I am starting to go through my closet and pick the pieces I am saying goodbye to (and will be selling here and here) and keeping an eye out for the pieces I would like in my closet. It’s tough for me (a true 1st world problem), having a closet filled with mostly vintage, it feels incredibly painful to part ways with any one of them. Vintage is special, far more special than something you picked up at F21 or H&M (imho), it’s so much harder to let go of. I like keeping vintage pieces – even if I don’t wear them – just to have them as a sort-of relic, like a collection of things (albeit much more overbearing than say a rock collection) I may one day pass down to children and grandchildren (no, I’m not pregnant). Anyhow, my fear of letting go of things is obviously a whole other problem in and of itself, so we won’t go there today…these are the things I have been eyeing (some super expensive…these are just examples, not necessarily the exact pieces I would buy), do not own anything like them and would very much like in my closet.Larkspur Vintage | In With The New 1. H&M Dungarees….2. Valentino Turtleneck….3. Vivetta Blazer & Skirt….4. Vivetta Iride Shirt….5. River Island Jeans….6. Ferragamo Flats….7. Leather Coach Backpack….8. ACNE Chelsea Boots….9. ASOS Plaid Co-ord

*check out my pinterest to see a plethora of things I’ve got my eye on.

Tell me about some pieces you have your eye on. Are you also feeling a disconnect to your clothes, or have you ever felt that way? Lets chat bbs ❤


8 thoughts on “In With The New

  1. stacysaddleshoes says:

    you always look so cute in skirts and dresses.they suit you much better than me even though I never wear pants.just dont give up your white socks :).you wear them well


    • Larkspur Vintage says:

      Oh, I definitely will never part ways with my skirts and dresses – they make up the majority of my closet and they are what I feel most comfortable in. I just want to branch out and give pants a better go. And the white socks are here to stay 🙂 ❤


  2. Bruna Gava says:

    Well, yeah. Two weeks ago, I cleaned my wardrobe and put everything I no longer wanted in three plastic bags that are still in my room. So far, I feel very difficult to put together a look, so I’m very practical and basic, although there clothes I want to buy but can not say I could define my style. I’m in the transition of twenties, I guess. I’m lost in style haha


    • Larkspur Vintage says:

      I think it’s okay to be a bit confused about style. I think too often we try to stick ourselves in a bubble and assume one identity. But, I think it’s okay to dress in whatever makes you comfortable, even if it seems contradictory at times. You are in a perfect place right now, a transition of sorts, you could try whatever you like, since you don’t feel a connection to any one thing, and see what works for you ❤


  3. kittenhood says:

    I understand your struggle! I’ve worn pretty, vintage dresses for so long, but I’m now more inclined to being comfortable and especially warm. However, I can’t part with the dresses that once made me so proud! I got rid of a lot of stuff since I moved to a different country, but a lot of it is still in storage because I’m so nostalgic.


    • Larkspur Vintage says:

      It sounds like we are pretty similar in that respect. I still wear my pretty vintage dresses, but they are now sprinkled in with some more practical and masculine looks. I managed to decide to part ways with some vintage dresses, which I’m pretty proud. I, like you, am very nostalgic, it’s so hard for me to let go of things


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