Endless Days in British Vogue

British Vogue's Endless DaysBritish Vogue's Endless DaysBritish Vogue's Endless DaysBritish Vogue's Endless DaysENDLESS 70s

This very 70s inspired editorial was published in British Vogue last summer, but going on a year later, its still relevant. The 70s isn’t going anywhere just yet, although, part of me feels maybe we are transitioning into more of the boho, hippie, yet still kind of glam 70s (is that even a thing? it is now); peasant tops, fringe, patterned flares, a sort of Pennie Lane/Almost famous direction of dress…the coolest of cool 70s. Sure, we are still seeing some pseudo-psychedelic prints in A-line cuts, but more and more flowy pieces with smaller floral prints are popping up.


If I’m being honest, I don’t much pay attention to trends. Sure, I’m absolutely influenced by certain styles that become popular, but I don’t make it a point to follow trends or feel like I’m behind on the times if I just can’t get behind a certain trend, or didn’t even know about it. Some of the only times I realize things have become popular is when I enter a big brand store like H&M, F21 or Topshop and notice what they are carrying…that’s when I can actually see an overall image of what is now deemed “in”. But I love the 70s trend, because I loved it before it became a mainstream trend (that sounds pretentious, but it’s true). The 70s always spoke to me, but even more so now than say, the 60s, my first true love. It’s the direction in which I see my style going more and more. It’s fun while still being easy, and somehow it doesn’t feel like costume the way some decades of dress do. Maybe because it wasn’t that long ago…maybe because it’s in now and thus feels less costume-y to dress head to toe 70s? Whatever the reason, I look at this editorial and while it is decidedly vintage, both in dress and photography, it honestly feels like this girl could be walking down the street and not feel totally out of place. I like that, I like living in a world that embraces vintage styles and realizes new isn’t always best. Sometimes what you have(had)is just fine.
British Vogue's Endless Days British Vogue's Endless Days British Vogue's Endless Days British Vogue's Endless Days British Vogue's Endless Days British Vogue's Endless Days British Vogue's Endless DaysPhotography: Venetia Scott | Editing/Styling: Bay Garnett | Hair: Neil Moodie | MUA: Miranda Joyce | Model: Julie Hoomans


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