Beach Butt

TULUM, here we come

My best friend Kristen and I just finished booking our trip to Tulum, Mexico in May. I have never been anywhere naturally stunning quite like this place and certainly never to a tropical climate, so it goes without saying (but I will say it) I am excited as hell! The most important part of planning the trip – actually booking – is done, so now I’m thinking about all the touristy shit we will do and of course, what I will wear. I’m pretty set for everydaywear, sort of, but beachwear… I own one swimsuit, so I am looking to add a few more to the rotation (of one). I’ve been pinning any swimsuits I love from around the web and thought I would share some with you, as well as some fun beachy accessories because just released some more super cute shit!ModCloth







Unique Vintage


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