Beauty: 1940s Lip Tutorial

Larkspur Vintage | Beauty: 1940s Lip TutorialFull Out with feeling

I think every time I try a new lipstick style for this series I’m going to end up saying “okay, I think I like this one most.”, because that’s what came to mind with this style, and I realized I said that about the 1930s lip last week. I guess I’m kind of a fickle pickle, but this style feels a bit more bold (and I like bold) with it’s overdrawn, full shape and punchy red colour…more fun and less reserved, in my opinion.


1940s lips were all about reds, “all the reds”, as us Internet-y 90s Millennial babies would say. The shade of red was up to the gal, but the one thing all 40s lips had in common was they were loud and luscious. If your lips fell a little short in the plump department (hi me), you just had to draw a bit outside your natural lip line and in no time you were joining the ranks of Angelina Jolie lips everywhere (she wasn’t alive yet, but you get it.)

Lip pencil: Ruby Woo by MAC | Lipstick: So Chaud by MAC

Larkspur Vintage | Beauty: 1940s Lip Tutorial1. I’ve said this for every one now, but, get a lip pencil. It will help immensely because we are drawing outside our natural lip line…unless of course you already have full lips. But even still, pencils just make everything more clean. The lip is horizontally elongated and we focus less on the “heart shape” lip look.
-drawing outside your natural lip line, start at your cupid’s bow and create a very slight indent between the two peaks
-bring your lines out to meet your lower lip, maintaining a rounded shape all the way down. It should look a bit like a crescent, more similar to the shape you’d see on a lower lip.
Larkspur Vintage | Beauty: 1940s Lip Tutorial2. Elongated and round is the look of the lower lip. Should be real easy to achieve
-drawing outside your natural lip line, start at the centre of your lip, creating an elongated U shape that meets your upper line.Larkspur Vintage | Beauty: 1940s Lip Tutorial3. Grab your lipstick and clean it all up. Hide that lip liner and get those lips looking as punchy and plump as you’d like.Larkspur Vintage | Beauty: 1940s Lip TutorialLarkspur Vintage | Beauty: 1940s Lip TutorialAnd that’s it! Big, beautiful, in your face lips!

What do you guys think? A preferred lip shape yet? 20s, 30s or 40s?

Shirt: thrifted vintage | Bracelet c/o The Shine Project


2 thoughts on “Beauty: 1940s Lip Tutorial

  1. says:

    Nice tutorial and great lips ! Yep the 1940s was all about the put alright, at least as far as Hollywood was concerned. I have to say I love the 1930s look just as much, its the decade when make-up became a sort of phenomenon thanks again to the glam starlets of Hollywood. You only have to scan the old fan mags of the period and they are jam packed with tutorials. Love the blog and I’m a new fan!


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