Beauty / 60s Makeup

Larkspur Vintage / 60s makeupIt was only a matter of time before I decided to share a 60s makeup look. It’s honestly a bit more eye makeup than what I’m used to wearing, but it really reminds me of the makeup I used to do back in my goth days. I don’t know what it is about this very Twiggy-esque look, but it makes you want to pull all kinds of silly facial expressions…mostly surprised and sad ones. Maybe it’s the drawn on lower lashes that make the eyes so expressive, which makes the rest of your face want to follow suit… anyway, I dare you to try this look and not make a silly face, it’s impossible.
Larkspur Vintage / 60s makeupShirt & hat: vintage; Shorts: F21 (similar, similar); Bow tie: handmadeLarkspur Vintage / 60s makeupLarkspur Vintage / 60s makeupGET THE LOOK
– start by priming your lids, then apply white or cream coloured shadow to your top lid; I used this primer and this shadow palette
– using a liner pencil, draw a black line all the way along your crease, from the very inner corner to the outer, making it as pronounced as you like. then with a black shadow fill out the crease and blend so you create a softer smokey eye; I used a shadow from the same palette above
– using a liquid liner make a cat-eye and join it to your crease at the end; i used this liquid liner
– with a black pencil liner draw singular lashes on your bottom lid, fanning outward, just the way your natural lashes do
-apply mascara and curl those lashes with a lash curler and then add even more mascara. if you want to get extra crazy, you could add fake eyelashes to enhance the look; I used this mascara
– apply a nude or light lip colour; I used a combination of this lipstick (in shade 14) and this gloss (in apricot pucker)

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Collection / Gucci Resort 2016

Gucci Resort 2016Sometimes a collection comes along, and it stops you dead in your tracks. Such is the case for me with Gucci Resort 2016. It seems retro-inspired looks are making a comeback, and not just in smaller, independent labels. Big wigs like Gucci are letting their retro freak flag fly high, and I’m pretty excited about it. The distinct 60/70s influence, with bold patterns and vintage silhouettes are clearly what drew me to the whole collection initially, but when I looked closely, what I really loved the most were the matching sets. I am not joking when I say I could wear matching sets every single day. So I get pretty damn excited when I see brands producing items that are so flippin’ hard to find vintage. Not that I could afford Gucci, I never could, obviously. But you know that smaller brands and shops will be reproducing knockoffs of looks similar to this, and that, I can afford.

What do you guys think of the collection? Loving it? Hating it?Gucci Resort 2016Gucci Resort 2016Gucci Resort 2016Gucci Resort 2016Gucci Resort 2016Gucci Resort 2016Gucci Resort 2016Gucci Resort 2016Gucci Resort 2016Gucci Resort 2016Gucci Resort 2016Gucci Resort 2016Gucci Resort 2016Gucci Resort 2016

Rain Rain…

The weekend’s weather was rather shit, which was a bit disappointing but probably for the best as Ryan and I were able to reorganize some things in our apartment (I feel like I’m always saying that, but its ALWAYS a work in progress) and I got caught up on some much needed rest (youtube subscriptions). We did manage to pop out for a bit when the rain wasn’t so intense to snap these photos, and I figured I’d fight the dreary weather with a somewhat bright and psychedelic outfit. This vest actually comes from a set and it’s matching friend is in the form of a white drop waist button up collared dress with matching psychedelic pattern on the skirt. I’ll have to show you the full set one day, but for now you just get the vest. I’m not sure why I never thought to pair it with something outside of it’s designated dress friend until yesterday, but maybe it’s because I don’t own that many solid colored skirts and it’s obviously not a very ideal pattern to pair with another pattern. Although, that seems like a personal styling test of some sort and I think I’m up for the challenge.

How was your weekend friends? I feel like you’ve been a bit quiet lately, not sure why, but I would love to hear from you!
Blouse & skirt: thrifted
Vest: vintage via SugarSlax
Bow tie: TLO
Shoes: Seychelles

Jimmy Marble: The Hottest Day of The Year

REFINERY-IG-1-600x900Jimmy Marble‘s use of colour, pattern, objects and the human form is some of the most intriguing and inspiring visuals I have ever laid my eyes on. It often feels like nothing is on accident, that each part of every image has been thought out and presented just the way he intended, which to me, is the work of a wholly unique and true artist. For me, Jimmy is more than a photographer (well ya, he does a whole lot more than that), he’s very much a visual artist in every sense of the word. His work feels like a true labor of love, and probably why it stands out from much else I have seen these days.

For Refinery29
Photography: Jimmy Marble
Styling: Georgia Stockwell
MUA: Erin Walters
Hair: Laura Peyer
Models: Lola, Hannah and Asma
Produced by Rachel Nerdeveld
REFINERY-IG-3-600x807 REFINERY-IG-4-600x471 REFINERY-IG-5-600x780 REFINERY-IG-8-600x772 REFINERY-IG-91-600x879 REFINERY-IG-12-600x860 REFINERY-IG-14-600x846 REFINERY-IG-15-600x764 REFINERY-IG-17-600x842 REFINERY-IG-201-600x400 REFINERY-IG-21-600x782 REFINERY-IG-22-600x787 REFINERY-IG-23-600x830

Beauty / Brigitte Bardot Inspired Hair

Brigitte Bardot has been a long time style and beauty icon for me, so I thought it was due time I try to emulate one of her iconic hairstyles. I actually ending up loving this look alot (you can see I sported it in my last style post), and I’ll probably end up doing it on a regular basis cause it’s so flippin’ cute and pretty easy to do in a pinch once you get the hang of it.

1. Loosely tie your hair into a half pony tail high on the crown of your head. Make sure it is a bit loose so we can achieve that slight beehive look in the next step.
2. Holding your ponytail, push it forward creating a messy bump (or beehive) in the hair pulled back, and then fasten some bobby pins underneath the hive to hold the look in place.
3. To achieve a more messy look that is so very Bardot, pull some of the pieces ever so slightly on top of your head to add more volume to the beehive.
4. Tie a ribbon or piece of fabric of your choice into a bow around the pony tail – mandatory step for Brigitte Bardot goodness.
5. I used a straightening iron – but I’m sure a curling iron would do as well – to add a bit of texture and curl to the hair that is down and in your ponytail. (I treated my straightener just as I would a curling iron to curl it)
6. TEASE! tease the hair in the ponytail, tease the hair that is down. Give your hair that Bardot volume by, you guessed, teasing. (teasing is backcombing, if you are confused)
7. Since I have straight across bangs (fringe) and Miss Bardot has short, center parted bangs, I made sure to do my usual fringe styling routine, only this time I use my blow dryer to guide my fringe to the each side creating a part in them.