Beauty / Brigitte Bardot Inspired Hair

Brigitte Bardot has been a long time style and beauty icon for me, so I thought it was due time I try to emulate one of her iconic hairstyles. I actually ending up loving this look alot (you can see I sported it in my last style post), and I’ll probably end up doing it on a regular basis cause it’s so flippin’ cute and pretty easy to do in a pinch once you get the hang of it.

1. Loosely tie your hair into a half pony tail high on the crown of your head. Make sure it is a bit loose so we can achieve that slight beehive look in the next step.
2. Holding your ponytail, push it forward creating a messy bump (or beehive) in the hair pulled back, and then fasten some bobby pins underneath the hive to hold the look in place.
3. To achieve a more messy look that is so very Bardot, pull some of the pieces ever so slightly on top of your head to add more volume to the beehive.
4. Tie a ribbon or piece of fabric of your choice into a bow around the pony tail – mandatory step for Brigitte Bardot goodness.
5. I used a straightening iron – but I’m sure a curling iron would do as well – to add a bit of texture and curl to the hair that is down and in your ponytail. (I treated my straightener just as I would a curling iron to curl it)
6. TEASE! tease the hair in the ponytail, tease the hair that is down. Give your hair that Bardot volume by, you guessed, teasing. (teasing is backcombing, if you are confused)
7. Since I have straight across bangs (fringe) and Miss Bardot has short, center parted bangs, I made sure to do my usual fringe styling routine, only this time I use my blow dryer to guide my fringe to the each side creating a part in them.



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