Belle Vie / 32

DSC_2549DSC_2567DSC_2467DSC_2736DSC_2750DSC_24751. Our spider plant is dying…I think. Also please ignore it’s ugly pot, it needs to be re-potted into something more aesthetically pleasing. Any tips for keeping a healthy and happy spider plant? Ryan has quite a green thumb, but this lil baby seems unhappy, still. Also, our Brennan Michael candle is still going strong, and seriously, it smells amazing, get yourself one!
2. We have been looking after Ryan’s family dog Beans for the last month. Watching her and Gus play is actually so hilarious.
3. There aren’t many details about my apartment that I truly enjoy, but I love the mirror and light fixture in our bathroom.
4. Hey, there’s me, in the mirror!
5. My go-to breakfast of late – greek yogurt, fruits, fruits, fruits and flax seeds (also I aint no food photographer, this is real life peeps)
6. Beans needs constant attention and steals all the socks!

Belle Vie / 03

DSC_1946DSC_1884DSC_1909DSC_1892DSC_1911DSC_1903DSC_1925DSC_19530000220000231. Ryan & Gus – these two together melt my heart.
2. This summer I want to improve my green thumb so that I can have more than just fake flowers in the house.
3. Lola – I miss the days when she and Gus were best pals, before they got sisters.
4. However, Frankie is one of the most hilarious dogs, and she currently looks like a fluffy teddy bear.
5. Toronto isn’t the best about preserving it’s history, but sometimes you’ll look to the tops of buildings and see what once was.
6. Meaghan – We went for a walk to get coffee on a day that felt especially like Spring. I’m looking forward to days spent outdoors with this girl.
7. The Dollar Store sometimes feeds my candle obsession when I am too busy poor to get the good stuff.
8. This guys gets away with murder. He stole a loaf of bread off the table yesterday – I’m getting better at letting him know I’m not pleased, but a part of me has trouble ever being really upset with him.
9. Upjeet – My oldest and dearest friend just let me know he will be moving to Toronto come September with his better half. I couldn’t possibly be more excited. We haven’t lived in the same city in 7 years.
10. Cleo & Maya – I miss these two a lot…mostly Cleo. But, don’t feel bad for Maya, she is indifferent towards me. The only person she has a connection with is my father.

And my word is true like the sky is blue

DSC_0137This weekend was a pretty quiet one. I spent the majority of Saturday catching up on some much needed sleep before heading to Grand Electric for tacos and delicious Bourbon drinks with some pals for Meg’s birthday. Sunday we took the dogs for a stroll along the beach, and on the way back picked up some tasty almond milk lattes from Capital, followed by some warm bowls of Pho.

As you can see we had some pretty choice weather this weekend. I will sometimes allow myself to freeze a bit to get photos of my outfits, but this particular day wasn’t so bad. As you can see from these photos, I need a bang trim big time (and probably an everything trim). I usually do it myself, but I still get the fear every time I bring those scissors to my head. Unfortunately, my much loved hair dresser stopped cutting hair awhile back and I haven’t the slightest idea where to go. If any of you live in Toronto and have a hair dresser you absolutely love, let a girl know!

Thanks to the Kelly sisters for these snaps!








Dress: vintage
Socks: Target
Shoes: Seychelles

Elbows and Pups On The Table


It was quite the weekend, I must say. I welcomed a new member into my small family this weekend. Enter Gertrude, the silliest looking Shih Tzu I have ever laid eyes on. I have been told by reliable sources that the way most people pronounce Shih Tzu is incorrect. This was really no surprise to me. But I would have never guessed how to properly say it. The most common pronunciation is “shit zoo”, but apparently its “she sure”. Now, I told Matt this, and he did not believe it. We googled it, and low and behold, a million different ways to pronounce. So who really knows (someone out there does for sure). I prefer ‘she sure”. That sounds best to me, so I’m sticking with it.

I mention Gertie, but Gus decided he wanted to be the star in these pictures. He’s extra clingy since Gertie entered the picture. Poor guy. I’ll hopefully have a fun little post with the both of them at some point soon.



DSC_0768Dress: ASOS

This and That










  • I acquired quite a number of new things recently…mostly from Kira’s moving sale (Kira, you will always be an Everglady).
  • Gus still doesn’t know how he feels about the camera (yes he does, its called hate). I point the thing in his face anyway, so I guess I’m a bad mom.
  • My kitchen walls are bare. Exactly 4 plates came crashing down from the walls, probably one a day for 4 days. The first one should have been an indication, but I’m far too hopeful, and maybe not as handy as I thought.
  • There needs to be more Bichon figurines and or anything to do with Bichons, in this world. If you know of any, shoot em my way!

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