Elbows and Pups On The Table


It was quite the weekend, I must say. I welcomed a new member into my small family this weekend. Enter Gertrude, the silliest looking Shih Tzu I have ever laid eyes on. I have been told by reliable sources that the way most people pronounce Shih Tzu is incorrect. This was really no surprise to me. But I would have never guessed how to properly say it. The most common pronunciation is “shit zoo”, but apparently its “she sure”. Now, I told Matt this, and he did not believe it. We googled it, and low and behold, a million different ways to pronounce. So who really knows (someone out there does for sure). I prefer ‘she sure”. That sounds best to me, so I’m sticking with it.

I mention Gertie, but Gus decided he wanted to be the star in these pictures. He’s extra clingy since Gertie entered the picture. Poor guy. I’ll hopefully have a fun little post with the both of them at some point soon.



DSC_0768Dress: ASOS

8 thoughts on “Elbows and Pups On The Table

    • LarkspurShoppe says:

      i know! im terrible. i didn’t want to teach her bad manners by putting her on the table. Gus is already a jerk and does whatever he wants, can’t fix that. but she’s being a good girl so far, don’t want to ruin it. PLUS!! you should come see her in real life 🙂


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