s_7_1024x1024Brooklyn based retail store Swords Smith just released this stunning editorial shot by Hannah Metz and styled/modeled by Emily Theobald, which I happened upon because I follow both these ladies on instagram and originally their respective blogs (that are now sort of defunct). I have such respect for both these women and their talents. I pretty much love anything either of them produce, and this editorial is no exception. The styling is so on point, which doesn’t surprise me because Emily is one of my favourite stylists – she can adapt to any style seamlessly while remaining true to her vision. It’s always an added bonus when she models her looks as well because she is one of the most photogenic women, ever. As for Hannah, she has been a long time favourite of mine, both for her sartorial choices and her photography. This particular editorial feels different from any work I have seen of hers and just like Emily, proves her ability adapt to any style that comes her way. The white background mixed with bright patterns and lush colours is what sold me straight away. The whole vibe feels very 70s psychedelic while remaining modern, easy going and totally in line with today’s trends. Love love love.
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Family by Arden Wray

tumblr_nhteobQsn21qjb0fho1_1280I mean it when I say I have been anticipating the release of this photo story for a long while. If memory serves me right, I got a sneak peak of the goodness over one year ago through instagram (I follow all these amazing women, plus the photographer Arden). There is something so special about Arden’s photography. It has such an honesty about it, which is a rare ability, but is my absolute favourite thing to find in a photographer. She truly captures the authentic beauty of every subject she photographs, which is for the most part, people. As much as I like photographs of landscapes and still lifes (if done right), portraits will always be my favourite. People are just so interesting, and she couldn’t have found a better group of women to make these scenes from an imagined-film come to life. If you’d like to see the whole thing (which you do, I know it), you can find it here.

Photography: Arden Wray
Styling: Emily Theobald
Models: Emily Theobald, Hannah Metz, Alley O’Shea, Emma Cooper, Samantha Pleet

Dream Girl

look_23Ashley Ording of Fancy Fine has been a styling inspiration to me for a long while now. So when I saw some sneak peaks of a shoot she had brought to fruition – styling pieces from her personal vintage collection on the strikingly beautiful Emily Theobald – I got real excited! The images are – just like the title states – dreamy (I mean, look at those pastel backgrounds!) And the styling is so perfectly 70s, it makes me wish I could wear each one of these outfits (yes! even the pants!) Ashley has a seriously to die for personal vintage collection, and with a keen eye for such decadent pieces that fill her closet, it’s any vintage loving gals dream. What I love most about her styling is how she pairs prints and textures in both autumnal shades and pastel spring feels, with such romantic and cozy layering, it feels both functional and glamorous at the same time. She is without a doubt at the top of my list for gals I am wholly inspired by.

Photography: Johan Santos
Styling & Art Direction: Ashley Ording
H&M: Katherine Sterrett
Model: Emily Theobald

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Leah Reena Goren F/W 2014 Scarf Collection

leah_reena_goren_amber_byrne_mahoney_005_zpsc87d88adIt seems scarf weather isn’t going anywhere any time soon, but with the newly released collection of beautifully hand illustrated scarves by Leah Reena Goren I don’t think I mind at all. Although they are only pre-order until the Fall, they remain perfect pieces for an early Spring when the temperatures aren’t below zero, but not quite warm enough to bare our necks to the wind. I’ve been a long time fan of Leah, her surface pattern designs and quirky illustrations are always wholly unique and unequivocally awesome, and thus many bigger brands have tried to replicate (shame on you!). I’m particularly enamored with the BFF scarf and Picasso Cats scarf, and should probably save my pretty pennies for one (or both!). I also have to mention how absolutely breathtaking the lookbook is. Leah couldn’t have picked a better set of gals to work with. Model Taylor LaShae is so stunning – kind of makes me think about chopping my hair (but I won’t).

Photography: Amber Byrne Mahoney
Styling: Emily Theobald
Model: Taylor LaShae
Location: Liam McMillan

*you can shop the whole collection in Leah’s new web shop


Samantha Pleet Fall 2014

Visions-PosterYet again, I had been eagerly anticipating the release of Samantha Pleet Fall 2014 collection and film, and catching glimpses on social media of all the goodness and magical vibes she always puts out in the world. Remaining true to her vision as a designer (no pun intended), Samantha pulled from historical references, this time inspired by Joan of Arc. Samantha is surrounded by such beautiful talent, there is such an array of perfection she can have model her wonderful pieces and really do them justice — it’s stunning to see, really.

Now, the clothes! This could be my favourite collection yet, if only for the magnificent prints — comet print, storm print and illuminated print are breathtaking! Samantha creates simple silhouettes that fit the female form beautifully, but have their own interesting twists which makes the garment feel like something totally new, and totally it’s own. I would love to get my hands on the Noble Dress in Comet Print, the Passion Dress, and the Cloudling Dress, to name a few.







































28Lookbook Photography: Jacqueline Dimilia
Model: Louisa Gummer, Hannah Metz, Emily Theobald, Rachel Trachtenburg
Styling: Turner
Hair: Andrea Donoghue
Makeup: Daniel Alvarez
Nails: Katherine St. Paul Hill
Shoes: Wolverine x Samantha Pleet

Location Photography: Hannah Metz
Model: Louisa Gummer, Hannah Metz, India Menuez, Tara Violet
Styling: Hannah Metz
Hair: Travis Speck
Makeup: James Boehmer
Set Design: Chelsea Markusin
Creature Costume: Illy Jankovich
Creature: Liam McMillan