Family by Arden Wray

tumblr_nhteobQsn21qjb0fho1_1280I mean it when I say I have been anticipating the release of this photo story for a long while. If memory serves me right, I got a sneak peak of the goodness over one year ago through instagram (I follow all these amazing women, plus the photographer Arden). There is something so special about Arden’s photography. It has such an honesty about it, which is a rare ability, but is my absolute favourite thing to find in a photographer. She truly captures the authentic beauty of every subject she photographs, which is for the most part, people. As much as I like photographs of landscapes and still lifes (if done right), portraits will always be my favourite. People are just so interesting, and she couldn’t have found a better group of women to make these scenes from an imagined-film come to life. If you’d like to see the whole thing (which you do, I know it), you can find it here.

Photography: Arden Wray
Styling: Emily Theobald
Models: Emily Theobald, Hannah Metz, Alley O’Shea, Emma Cooper, Samantha Pleet


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