Dream Girl

look_23Ashley Ording of Fancy Fine has been a styling inspiration to me for a long while now. So when I saw some sneak peaks of a shoot she had brought to fruition – styling pieces from her personal vintage collection on the strikingly beautiful Emily Theobald – I got real excited! The images are – just like the title states – dreamy (I mean, look at those pastel backgrounds!) And the styling is so perfectly 70s, it makes me wish I could wear each one of these outfits (yes! even the pants!) Ashley has a seriously to die for personal vintage collection, and with a keen eye for such decadent pieces that fill her closet, it’s any vintage loving gals dream. What I love most about her styling is how she pairs prints and textures in both autumnal shades and pastel spring feels, with such romantic and cozy layering, it feels both functional and glamorous at the same time. She is without a doubt at the top of my list for gals I am wholly inspired by.

Photography: Johan Santos
Styling & Art Direction: Ashley Ording
H&M: Katherine Sterrett
Model: Emily Theobald

look_22 look_21 look_01 look_04 look_05 look_07 look_08 look_09 look_10 look_11 look_13 look_14 look_15 look_16 look_19 look_20 look_27 look_25 look_26 look_30 look_31 look_24


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