Nobody’s Baby

il_fullxfull.723654776_erqqI found Jenee Larson’s artwork through instagram quite a long while ago and was instantly taken by it. The first thing that struck me was her adorable little illustrations of toy poodles. If you have been reading this blog for a long while, then you know how much I love little fluffy dogs, so someone drawing them as adorable pink cutie pies is right up my alley. But once I started to browse her works, I found I loved so much about it- colourful, feminine, painfully cute, dark humoured, vintage-inspired, sexually suggestive – a mix of so many wonderful things, it’s hard not to fall head over heels. Now the difficult task of deciding which prints I would love to have for my own.

You can find a collection of her works here and you can shop some of them here.
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Dream Girl

look_23Ashley Ording of Fancy Fine has been a styling inspiration to me for a long while now. So when I saw some sneak peaks of a shoot she had brought to fruition – styling pieces from her personal vintage collection on the strikingly beautiful Emily Theobald – I got real excited! The images are – just like the title states – dreamy (I mean, look at those pastel backgrounds!) And the styling is so perfectly 70s, it makes me wish I could wear each one of these outfits (yes! even the pants!) Ashley has a seriously to die for personal vintage collection, and with a keen eye for such decadent pieces that fill her closet, it’s any vintage loving gals dream. What I love most about her styling is how she pairs prints and textures in both autumnal shades and pastel spring feels, with such romantic and cozy layering, it feels both functional and glamorous at the same time. She is without a doubt at the top of my list for gals I am wholly inspired by.

Photography: Johan Santos
Styling & Art Direction: Ashley Ording
H&M: Katherine Sterrett
Model: Emily Theobald

look_22 look_21 look_01 look_04 look_05 look_07 look_08 look_09 look_10 look_11 look_13 look_14 look_15 look_16 look_19 look_20 look_27 look_25 look_26 look_30 look_31 look_24

Lykke Wullf

il_fullxfull.657367189_q8bkHave you guys heard of Lykke Wullf? I had not, until recently, through Skunkboy Blog. Well, it was more like in the Summer, but it wasn’t until I started following them on instagram that I really took a look at their garments and became quite fond of the brand. Their styling and aesthetic feels a bit gypsy-boho-punk (that’s a mouthful) at times, but I look at these pieces, and very much see someone like myself being able to wear them with a totally different vibe. I’m especially fond of their denim overalls. They have a distinct 70s feel to them which I obviously like. You’d be hard pressed to find an actual pair of vintage overalls that are not totally unflattering (baggy 90s overalls, i”m looking at you), so it’s nice to come across brands that offer something vintage-inspired that is not already totally over-saturated in the vintage market. And how about that eye print!? Obviously not a new idea, I’ve seen plenty of brands coming out with novelty eye prints, but that doesn’t stop me from liking every single one of them. This print is especially interesting because it reminds me of the pen and sharpie drawings my best friend and I would doodle on our tattered denim jeans and shoes when we were bored in high school. However, it didn’t look nearly as nice as these. I’ve always been a terrible drawer.

You can follow Lykke Wullf on instagram for updates and pretty things almost daily, and they also sell on etsy.


Ace & Jig FW 14

AceJig_016_1366.1366x2048While I feel there are a lot of brands out there that I really like, quite a few of them subscribe to a style that is not really that of my own. Ace & Jig is sort of that way for me. Styling is a big part of how labels present their clothing, however, it really is only a presentation and not much more than that. So even if it’s not suited to me, in most cases, I tend to look at pieces as separates rather than a whole (let’s be honest, who can ever afford more than like a few pieces from any one collection anyways). So while it’s pretty blatantly obvious you wouldn’t see me in a head to toe look like this, Ace & Jig FW14 has a lot of pieces I think are absolutely wonderful. All that being said, I actually do adore the styling in this lookbook. It has sort of a vintage-amish-70s vibe, which last Fall, was one of my favourite ways to dress. So maybe some of the silhouettes are not ones I’m used to adorning (a bit too slouchy), I can’t deny my love for pattern mixing, and how it always makes for an interesting outfit…and midi dresses. How one gets through the Fall without wearing a midi dress, I do not know.

AceJig_001_1366.1366x2048 AceJig_004_1366.1366x2048 AceJig_005_1366.1366x2048 AceJig_006_1366.1366x2048 AceJig_007_1366.1366x2048 AceJig_008_1366.1366x2048 AceJig_011_1366.1366x2048 AceJig_014_1366.1366x2048 AceJig_015_1366.1366x2048

Nanushka AW ’14


Until very recently I had never heard of Hungarian designer Sandra Sandor and her label, Nanushka. I took quite a liking to this label almost immediately. The colors in her AW ’14 collection are absolutely to die for. I’m particularly smitten with the olive green garments paired with the beautiful salmon pieces – it’s like these two hues were mean’t for eachother (forever and ever, in holy matrimony). While I may dress pretty feminine most of the time, I generally try to incorporate some bit of men’s wear pieces into my outfits (button ups, oxford shoes et. al.), which is why I think this collection speaks to me. While the styling may feel a bit too normcore and sporty for my taste (save for a few), I could see myself having any one of these pieces in my wardrobe and styling them to my taste. All around it’s a fun collection with a lot of beautifully tailored pieces and just the right colors for Fall/Winter.

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