Dear Creatures Fall 2014

cd16_zpsa997938bI thought I wouldn’t be excited for Fall to come, really and truly. I actually thought I’d be very, very bummed about it. It has been yet another idyllic Summer that I would be quite happy to have last forever. But then I remembered Fall clothes, and layers, and boots, and hats and a nip in the air (just a nip though), and pumpkin patches, and fallen leaves, and I’m excited (and and and). Maybe change is just always a welcome thing. To stay the same is to reject progress, or something like that. But honestly, for me, this Summer hasn’t been great (except for all the awesome photoshoots I worked on, that was great) I’ve been ill, several times, and then my dog passed away suddenly, and then it was one thing after another. My body and mind are both tired at this point. So I can’t wait for a change – a change in season, a change is pace, a change in my outlook. I have some pretty big life changes coming up (moving!), and planned for myself (stay tuned!). So I feel like there are things to look forward to. The cold weather doesn’t always need to be a bad thing. The plants are dying, yes, the sun will hide it’s bright, beautiful face for a lot more hours of the day, yes, but that doesn’t mean we need to make like nature.

Anyways, Dear Creatures Fall 2014 campaign got me excited about Fall, and the changing of seasons. They have always been one of my favorite brands, and this collection is no exception. I’m particularly loving their caramel colored fuzzy sweaters that would be absolutely perfect for cool walks in the park, and well, anything Fall-oriented.

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TLO April Lookbook

01300026The color scheme in both the clothes and location of TLO’s latest lookbook is superb. Particularly, the pastel pink in the first two looks in combination with the rich greens in the background feels oh so summery, and is just the sort of bright, obnoxious things I’d like to be wearing once the weather figures itself out. It’s another one of those lookbooks that feels very suburban California, and we all know I love love love that. C’mon Summer, hurry your butt up!

Photography: Emily Alben
Models: Erin Cherry & Ashley Symone Lee


Orla Kiely Fall 2014


As always, Orla Kiely has brought us an undeniably adorable vintage-inspired collection. While she never really steps outside the box in terms of designs, it’s a line you can always count on for decidedly retro pieces, covetable by every vintage-wearing gal out there. I think pretty well every piece I wouldn’t mind owning, but I’m quite enamored with the above look. The trousers and swing coat in a monochromatic dusty rose is just the sort of thing I would like to be wearing (i know, right? trousers!?) come the colder temperatures (i know, right? why are we talking about cold weather?!). The whole collection feels very 60s, with a little Cher Horwitz-90s sprinkled throughout. I would also like to mention how great the shoes are in this collection! I love the 40s/70s vibes they are giving off. T-straps will never get old in my eyes, but t-straps with a platform and a big sturdy heel, well by George, i think she’s got it! However, the most noteworthy part of this whole collection…the very best thing ever designed…the Bichon purse! BICHONS! C’mon! That purse was invented for me. That breed is one of the most under-appreciated breeds when it comes to novelty dog breed accessories, and near impossible to find. While the bichon they included in the lookbook is very cute – I think it may be a poodle/bichon mix though, and the final one is definitely a toy poodle – I think we could all agree Gus would have been a better choice. He just got groomed, so his head is even the shape of the purse right now. True rounded bichon head. Anyways, I-NEED-THAT-PURSE.

*you can view the whole presentation here.4913791012131617202324262728313233353637444850515456


Leah Reena Goren F/W 2014 Scarf Collection

leah_reena_goren_amber_byrne_mahoney_005_zpsc87d88adIt seems scarf weather isn’t going anywhere any time soon, but with the newly released collection of beautifully hand illustrated scarves by Leah Reena Goren I don’t think I mind at all. Although they are only pre-order until the Fall, they remain perfect pieces for an early Spring when the temperatures aren’t below zero, but not quite warm enough to bare our necks to the wind. I’ve been a long time fan of Leah, her surface pattern designs and quirky illustrations are always wholly unique and unequivocally awesome, and thus many bigger brands have tried to replicate (shame on you!). I’m particularly enamored with the BFF scarf and Picasso Cats scarf, and should probably save my pretty pennies for one (or both!). I also have to mention how absolutely breathtaking the lookbook is. Leah couldn’t have picked a better set of gals to work with. Model Taylor LaShae is so stunning – kind of makes me think about chopping my hair (but I won’t).

Photography: Amber Byrne Mahoney
Styling: Emily Theobald
Model: Taylor LaShae
Location: Liam McMillan

*you can shop the whole collection in Leah’s new web shop


Valentino A/W ’14

VAL_1027.450x675Valentino A/W ’14 is an interesting collection. There is a whole lot that is not to my taste at all, just a little too plain and stuffy looking, if you ask me. But on the opposite spectrum of that there is so much that I absolutely adore. I’ll likely never own a piece from the house of Valentino for the entirety of my life, which is an absolute shame because this collection could be one of my favourites. This season is filled with beautiful collars adorned with flowers, along with some very Victorian-esque collars,  sheer maxi dresses with exquisite floral and butterfly applique embellishments, the best patchwork I’ve seen in a long time (serious harlequin vibes), darling swing coats, and the capes! Oh the capes! Valentino put together a collection that feels 1960’s and Victorian all at once, which is like my dream wardrobe. I’d really like to be this woman next Autumn and Winter. She’s quirky and fun and other-wordly, and I like her a lot.

See the whole collection here.