Valentino A/W ’14

VAL_1027.450x675Valentino A/W ’14 is an interesting collection. There is a whole lot that is not to my taste at all, just a little too plain and stuffy looking, if you ask me. But on the opposite spectrum of that there is so much that I absolutely adore. I’ll likely never own a piece from the house of Valentino for the entirety of my life, which is an absolute shame because this collection could be one of my favourites. This season is filled with beautiful collars adorned with flowers, along with some very Victorian-esque collars,  sheer maxi dresses with exquisite floral and butterfly applique embellishments, the best patchwork I’ve seen in a long time (serious harlequin vibes), darling swing coats, and the capes! Oh the capes! Valentino put together a collection that feels 1960’s and Victorian all at once, which is like my dream wardrobe. I’d really like to be this woman next Autumn and Winter. She’s quirky and fun and other-wordly, and I like her a lot.

See the whole collection here.


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