Belle Vie / 26

DSC_1155DSC_1164DSC_1167DSC_1152DSC_11501. It was Meaghan’s birthday last week – I got her these adorable vintage cocktail glasses from BYOB. They had such an amazing collection of vintage glasswares and bar tools – I’m talking pink everything. I’ll have to go back and treat myself to a few cute things at some point.
2-3. On Saturday Meaghan had some pals over to her new place to celebrate her birthday. Our super talented bartender pal Lindsay made us gin cocktails with rosemary infused simple syrup. So good! I sort of regretted how many I treated myself to that evening the following day.
4. Gus loves to sit directly on my lap any time I am trying to work on my laptop and then tries to lick my hands while I’m typing. If you are not constantly giving him attention, he will make sure that you do.
5. The little polar bear, Gus.

Belle Vie / 25

DSC_1141DSC_1126DSC_1125DSC_1128DSC_1132DSC_11331. When I first adopted Gus I used to find him in the most entertaining spots around the house. I had a series of photographs of him called “____ Gus”, so for example, “shelf Gus”, “recycling Gus”…you get the idea. I guess this is stool Gus, or bedside Gus.
2-6. Just some bits and moments from around the house last week.

Belle Vie / 24

DSC_0959DSC_0982DSC_0958DSC_1121DSC_1123DSC_1122DSC_11161. Such a cozy spot in Meaghan’s new apartment. Man, what I would give to have an apartment with such lovely natural light!!
2. And as I’m going on about how great Meg’s apartment is, I’m also very smitten with her Moroccan rugs.
3. Oh Lola! Such a little nervous nellie.
4-6. Ryan and I went out for dinner at La Carnita – a very similar taco joint to Grand Electric (which I talk about all the time), but this one is closer to our new place, and maybe a bit tastier, actually.
7. Ryan is over the moon for Gus. It really warms my heart.

Belle Vie / 23

DSC_0934DSC_0935DSC_0945DSC_0950DSC_09291. Above where Ryan and I rest our heads.
2. Some of our plant babies. My jade and cactus are not doing too well right now, there just is not enough sunlight in our apartment. But Ryan is such a good plant papa, I’m not too worried about it.
3. On Tuesday, Meaghan and I went to the Canadian Whisky Cocktail Competition at The Drake to support our friend Lindsay who was a finalist in the competition. The Drake is a rather famous hotel/restaurant/bar in Toronto. But it’s the sort of place I avoid most of the time…If you live in Toronto, you understand. I normally only head there for fun events…Oscar viewing party, watching the gold medal game for hockey in the Olympics…that sort of thing. And now a cocktail competition. It was so much fun, and I now have a much greater appreciation for bartender’s craft.
4. Lindsay doing her thing! It was so neat to watch her craft her drink – she put a lot of work into her cocktail. I’m just sad that I didn’t end up getting to try it. Meg and I got to try most drinks because we stationed ourselves right at the front of the bar, but her drink didn’t end up getting passed in our direction.
5. The cloud baby. So thankful for this guy each and every day.

Belle Vie / 22

DSC_0659DSC_0617Processed with VSCOcam with m5 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with s6 presetDSC_0652DSC_0664DSC_0655Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset1. Getting myself ready for a wedding, and wearing my newest (to me) vintage dress from Milk Teeths Vintage. Also noticing my bangs are a bit too long. I think I prefer them to be above my eyebrows. Must fix that soon.
2. All packed up and ready to move the last few things from my old apartment.
3. I took a few self-portraits right before leaving that apartment behind.
4. Ryan and I taking selfies, waiting for our cab to the wedding.
5. We stayed at a hotel for the evening after the wedding because it was not in Toronto – didn’t bring much with me.
6. I got to take home one of the beautiful centrepieces from the wedding, made by my pal Alisa.
7. I adore this fella.
8. I’m really trying to be mindful about organizing and decorating our new place. I want it to be perfect – minimal and elegant, with a whole lot of quirkiness. This is the only spot so far that feels right to me. It’s a work in progress.