Orla Kiely Fall 2015

orla-kiely-038-1366Orla Kiely has a remained a favourite of mine for what seems like years now, and this is about the umpteenth time I have shared a collection by this UK based label. Orla, time and again, creates impossibly cute yet sophisticated pieces that beckon the style of decades past, while making them relevant again (okay, they were probably already relevant). This particular collection seems absolutely fitting in a library setting with models browsing books, wearing what feels like the attire of a supremely fashionable scholar. This collection is making me wonder why I don’t button my cardigans more often, and why I have not found myself an amazing pair of patterned cropped trousers.

View the whole collection here.
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Orla Kiely Fall 2014


As always, Orla Kiely has brought us an undeniably adorable vintage-inspired collection. While she never really steps outside the box in terms of designs, it’s a line you can always count on for decidedly retro pieces, covetable by every vintage-wearing gal out there. I think pretty well every piece I wouldn’t mind owning, but I’m quite enamored with the above look. The trousers and swing coat in a monochromatic dusty rose is just the sort of thing I would like to be wearing (i know, right? trousers!?) come the colder temperatures (i know, right? why are we talking about cold weather?!). The whole collection feels very 60s, with a little Cher Horwitz-90s sprinkled throughout. I would also like to mention how great the shoes are in this collection! I love the 40s/70s vibes they are giving off. T-straps will never get old in my eyes, but t-straps with a platform and a big sturdy heel, well by George, i think she’s got it! However, the most noteworthy part of this whole collection…the very best thing ever designed…the Bichon purse! BICHONS! C’mon! That purse was invented for me. That breed is one of the most under-appreciated breeds when it comes to novelty dog breed accessories, and near impossible to find. While the bichon they included in the lookbook is very cute – I think it may be a poodle/bichon mix though, and the final one is definitely a toy poodle – I think we could all agree Gus would have been a better choice. He just got groomed, so his head is even the shape of the purse right now. True rounded bichon head. Anyways, I-NEED-THAT-PURSE.

*you can view the whole presentation here.4913791012131617202324262728313233353637444850515456


Pretend Outfits

The weather is…warm?! Rainy, but relatively warm, and this got my brain dreaming up outfits that were jacket-less and sweater-less and ignorant of the reality that is my wallet.  I go through phases of obsessing over certain types of clothing (sleepwear!!!), and right now I’m obsessing over items to go on me noggin (no, not you beret, goodbye, I don’t want to see you again for a long time!). Having long hair makes wearing things on your head fun! When I had short hair, everything felt overwhelming on my skull, but no more!


1. Free People vintage printed kaftan dress…2. 1940’s velvet bow headband…3. vintage pendant…4. J. Crew farmer’s market tote…5. Madewell buckle sandal


1. Rachel Antonoff mccormick blouse…2. vintage rose hair comb…3. Karen Walker sunglasses…4. Madewell transport tote…5. Orla Kiely skirt…6. Mod Cloth wedges

fancy hat

1. Samantha Pleet artisan tunic…2. vintage straw hat…3. Karen Walker sunglasses…4. Madewell hole punch sandals

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Orla Kiely A/W 2013


It is no surprise that I am always pretty smitten with Orla Kiely’s collections. With a nod to decades past, it’s right up my alley. Her presentation for A/W 2013 collection could have been lifted straight from a scene of Mad Men. Watching the video made me wish I worked in an office in the 1960’s, full of beehives, cat-eye glasses, a-line silhouettes and plenty of pointed collars. This was one of those collections I had a hard time not including every look. With every scroll of the mouse my eyes would widen and I’d find my fingers saving every image. Like a kid in a candy shop. Or in my case, like Alex visiting a chocolatier.

This is another infinitely wearable collection, that if I had any money at all, I would like to own pretty well every piece (squirrel embroidery!!!). But alas my pockets do not runneth over.
















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