Orla Kiely Fall 2015

orla-kiely-038-1366Orla Kiely has a remained a favourite of mine for what seems like years now, and this is about the umpteenth time I have shared a collection by this UK based label. Orla, time and again, creates impossibly cute yet sophisticated pieces that beckon the style of decades past, while making them relevant again (okay, they were probably already relevant). This particular collection seems absolutely fitting in a library setting with models browsing books, wearing what feels like the attire of a supremely fashionable scholar. This collection is making me wonder why I don’t button my cardigans more often, and why I have not found myself an amazing pair of patterned cropped trousers.

View the whole collection here.
orla-kiely-002-1366 orla-kiely-007-1366 orla-kiely-011-1366 orla-kiely-014-1366 orla-kiely-015-1366 orla-kiely-021-1366 orla-kiely-030-1366 orla-kiely-035-1366orla-kiely-039-1366 orla-kiely-041-1366 orla-kiely-042-1366 orla-kiely-046-1366


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