Pretend Outfits

The weather is…warm?! Rainy, but relatively warm, and this got my brain dreaming up outfits that were jacket-less and sweater-less and ignorant of the reality that is my wallet.  I go through phases of obsessing over certain types of clothing (sleepwear!!!), and right now I’m obsessing over items to go on me noggin (no, not you beret, goodbye, I don’t want to see you again for a long time!). Having long hair makes wearing things on your head fun! When I had short hair, everything felt overwhelming on my skull, but no more!


1. Free People vintage printed kaftan dress…2. 1940’s velvet bow headband…3. vintage pendant…4. J. Crew farmer’s market tote…5. Madewell buckle sandal


1. Rachel Antonoff mccormick blouse…2. vintage rose hair comb…3. Karen Walker sunglasses…4. Madewell transport tote…5. Orla Kiely skirt…6. Mod Cloth wedges

fancy hat

1. Samantha Pleet artisan tunic…2. vintage straw hat…3. Karen Walker sunglasses…4. Madewell hole punch sandals

Posted by Alex


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