Twenty Seven Names

Lately I’ve been really drawn to plainer outfits, maybe a little less frilly, and a little on the darker side. Maybe it’s just the season, or maybe it’s me getting older, and feeling like the way I dress should reflect that a little bit. Whatever the reason, though, labels like Twenty Seven Names  just seem, to me, to tie the girly in with the grown up absolutely seamlessly. Pairing sweaters with flouncy full skirts, and making more masculine collared shirts in perfect tiny polka dot prints.

Every single item just looks equal parts pretty and practical, and I’m so happy that they styled the collection with flats, because lately they’re all I’ve been wanting to wear. It helps that each outfit looks easy to layer, making it all perfect for when Canadian Winters make me want to give up on style all together, and just swaddle myself in a blanket for three months. Now, to get my hands on that Crepe Shift Dress…..


Posted by: Meaghan


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