Frances Baker Summer 2012

frances baker

I had been anticipating the launch of Frances Baker Summer collection for awhile now. And finally, starting last week and throughout, Josie began revealing pieces from her collection, and oh my, it did not disappoint! With this collection she pretty much summed up how I like to dress in the summer. Something simple, light-weight, but has such lovely details to it that you don’t feel too dressed down. From what I read on her blog,  this was her intention, and she executed it perfectly.

Now, I shouldn’t be so cruel and torture myself with summer collections, as it has officially become winter here in Toronto. Our first snow fall was just a few nights ago. I can’t even really foresee myself wearing anything like this for the next coming months, but these photos brighten the dark days here and get me excited about the long-coming summer season. I think maybe my favorite thing about this collection is the 70’s feel. I’m pretty into that right now. The long floral dresses and overall dress really speak to my sensibilities right now. The ruffle details on the longer dresses really add something nice, making them super feminine in the best way possible. I also love all the pieces being paired with clogs – i love clogs –  it really adds to the 70’s vibe of the whole collection. All in all, I’d like to get my hands on some of these pieces and make them a part of my summer closet.


frances baker

hannah dress

overall dress

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