Cold weather outfits we love


Maria from Hickory & Juniper

This week has been totally insane for Alex and I. We’ve been busy with, what might be, the most ill-timed apartment swap situation of all time. That’s done now though, and we’re a little freer to get into the holiday spirit by doing things like baking cookies, drinking mulled wine and wrapping Christmas presents.

Last night we shot Larkspur’s first lookbook, which we’ll be giving you a sneak peek of on Thursday, and we’re so excited about it. Kira worked her magic, just like we knew she would, and made everyone and everything look even better than we’d hoped! So stay tuned for that.

Today I’m at home sick with tonsillitis, so you’ll have to forgive me if most of the outfit photos I’ve rounded up involve big comfy sweaters, or warm looking coats.

My plan is to spend the rest of this day swaddled in blankets reading blogs, drinking tea and watching Christmas movies. I hope you’re all ready for my favorite time of year!


Lauren from Blooming Leopold 


Rhiannon from Liebemarlene

©Richard Davenport, London UK, Mademoiselle Robot

Laetitia from Mademoiselle Robot


Liz of Olive My Love

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