Camp Book of Deer SS 2013


There are plenty of unofficial barometers in life to give us little hints that we’re getting older. One of the saddest is being just a little too old to hightail it off for sleepaway camp. While we won’t be sharing cabins with strangers or sleeping on the bottom bunk anymore, we can still dress the part. Enter: Book of Deer.” – Alison Baitz from Refinery 29

I came across the label Book of Deer when I was wasting time browsing Refinery 29 at work last week.

The label was started by Edinburgh born Ellidh Ho, who grew up in Hong Kong and then went to London to study at Saint-Martin’s College (does that make everyone else think of Pulp, too?).  She eventually ended up back in Hong Kong, where this label was born in 2010.

Most of my favorite memories of Summer as a girl involve canoe trips to a place called Spider Island, making tin foil dinners, going to bed with my hair smelling like lake water and firewood, and singing camp songs while I hiked with eight other giggling girls. So, it isn’t any surprise to me, that I’m drawn to their SS13 collection, which is inspired by sleepaway camp (and even includes a dress with a glow-in-the-dark print of fireflies trapped in mason jars).

And, while it’s true that I have consciously been trying to steer my wardrobe away from cutesy as I get older (the label describes itself as having a “distinctive element of cute”), I can’t help it if the lovely printed fabrics -which are all hand drawn, digitally printed, and original to the brand – adorable fabrics and easy to wear pieces caught my eye. Plus, let’s face it, I don’t think I’ll ever stop liking peter-pan collars.








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