Austin, Tx – Part 2


On our second day in Austin, we really didn’t take that many pictures, on account of the majority of our(my) time was spent shopping. The first evening had also fooled us into thinking it would be a lot warmer in Texas than it actually was. After shopping for about 1 hour I had to go back to our hotel to change into something a little warmer. Which was disappointing, as I was wearing one of my favourite dresses that Meg and I actually share custody of. We both fell madly inlove with this dress in the summer and decided to purchase it together.

We were lucky enough to be staying on South Congress Ave, which is home to an abundance of vintage and antique stores, and some delicious wildly unhealthy food. It was a bit unfortunate for Matt, as generally most vintage stores carried only women’s clothing. I am however, quite fortunate to have a boyfriend who will never complain about my lengthy and tedious quest to pick and try on clothing. Uncommon Objects was one of my favourite stores. It was a bit overwhelming at first, but if you have the time and patience, you can leave with some pretty amazing antique finds. I didn’t buy anything for myself, but I bought a little jewellery box from 1912 for Meg.

Austin also has an amazing array of food trucks. Gourdough’s has some pretty insane donut selections – yellow cake batter with fudge, apple pie filling with cream cheese icing, caramel and peanuts. Mighty Cone puts just about anything in a cone – chicken, shrimp, hot dogs, avocado. It was also vegetarian friendly which I thought was nice.

austin2austin3austin15austin5austin6austin7austin9our hotel


yummmm! Gourdough’s!

In the evening we went to see The Body Shop at The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema. I don’t normally like going to see movies while I’m on a trip, but Matt had told me about this theatre, and I knew we had to go. They have a full dinner and drinks menu (and bottomless popcorn!!!) that you can order from at any point throughout the movie. I wish Toronto had something like this. It makes the experience of going to a movie an actual event. Before the movie we took a walk around downtown Austin, and took a peek inside The Driskell Hotel built in 1886, which is said to be haunted.


Next week I’ll share with you my third and final day in Austin. For the time being I’ll dream of that delicious donut that made my teeth sting so much. Hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was filled with lazy TV watching and silly card games with some good friends.

*photos by Matt and I

First Outfit:

Dress: Vintage
Tights: Target
Cardigan: UO
Shoes: Bass
Bag: Vintage

Second Oufit:

Shirt: Vintage DKNY
Pants: Cheap Monday
Trench: H&M
Socks: Target
Shoes: Bass
Bag: Vintage
Beret: Thrifted


2 thoughts on “Austin, Tx – Part 2

    • LarkspurShoppe says:

      Thanks Elly Maggy!! If you ever get a chance to visit Austin, do make sure to check out Uncommon Objects. It really is great! And some of the friendliest people work there! Haha, all the food trucks had silly little sayings like that, it was great.


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