Sutton, QC


Having grown up in small-town Quebec, I’m no stranger to the joys of Winter. Building forts, crazy carpeting down mountains, cross country skiing – were all part of the fun for us as kids. When I moved into Montreal, though, suddenly Winter meant trudging to class through brown slush, and packing myself onto an over-heated bus full of people dressed for sub-arctic temperatures.

Winter, since I’ve lived in the city, just turns me into the whiniest little thing!

This weekend, my family rented a cottage in Sutton to celebrate my Mom’s 60th birthday. Being out in the country again made me forget about all the things I hated about Winter, and now I almost don’t feel ready for it to end!

We mostly spent the weekend being lazy – reading books by a fire, eating too much food, and helping each other with crosswords – but we also bundled up and went for a hike, and romped around snowy hills and followed a big furry dog into some woods…and it was amazing! It reminded me how good it feels to get outside – it’s so easy to just want to hibernate sometimes.

I ended up catching an awful cold/flu thing right as our weekend was ending (probably as a result of taking these silly blog photos that first day…), so I’m not entirely looking forward to a 6 hour bus ride home this afternoon…but it’ll be nice to see my dogs again, and I am already looking forward to the next time I get to goof around with my sister and her boyfriend, and spend time with my Mom & Dad.








Outfit Details: 

Vintage dress – Common Sort on Queen W

Gap sweater – thrifted

Tights & Socks: Primark (UK)

Boots: Urban Outfitters 

Sunglasses: Kensington Market 


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One thought on “Sutton, QC

  1. Rhiannon says:

    Poor thing! Hope you’re feeling better soon. I think I got that same cold last week. 😦 But, man, it looks beautiful there at the cabin. There’s nothing like getting out of the city for a weekend.


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