Samantha Pleet SS’13

samantha pleet ss13

There has been a lot of internet buzz on Samantha Pleet over the last several days, with sneak peeks of what’s to come in her A/W ’13 collection. I’m trying now to stick with the upcoming season (although still very late) and share Samantha Pleet’s SS’13 collection entitled “The Sands of Time”. The Myth dress could be my favourite piece. The fabric chosen is so very pleasing to the eyes and I love the loose fit. It could be my ideal dress for the warm weather, although I tend to say that about a lot of dresses (mmm dresses). The airy subtle colour palette of this collection is what draws me in the most. There is something mythic and ancient about Samantha’s designs that make the simple silhouettes of the garments stand out from any other collection I have seen. I feel like Cleopatra could be wearing any one of these pieces, floating across the desert sands. With each season she gets better and better and I now always look forward to seeing what new and wonderful garments she has created that I can ogle over.

samantha pleet ss132

samantha pleet ss133

samantha pleet ss134

samantha pleet ss135

samantha pleet ss136

samantha pleet ss137

samantha pleet ss139

samantha pleet ss1310

samantha pleet ss1312

samantha pleet ss1314

samantha pleet ss1316


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