Silent Blog Days


Image from Shorpy

We’re sorry for how quiet it’s been around here. I’ve been mostly just coming home from work and holing up under blankets to try to fight off this never ending cold, and Alex has been crazy busy with work and dance things. We meant to have a shop update for you this afternoon, but a couple of technical difficulties set us back a tiny bit. We’ll have a new batch of items in the shop by tomorrow evening, we promise!

In the mean time, I’m getting excited to dive into this Pierre Berton book about the building of the Canadian railroad. I’ve been feeling pretty guilty lately about how little I know about my own country’s history, so when my boss – who is a big Canadian history geek, in the best way – recommended I get into this author, I got right on it.

You’ll have to bear with me for the next few weeks (or months) while I go off on long tangents about things I’m learning!

Hope everyone has a nice long (for most of us) weekend!

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