Willa Cather, Winter Blues & Pretend Outfits


1. Acne blouse, sweater & blue jeans …. 2. Madewell bag, necklace & mini wedges

We’ve made it to the middle of another endless March –  when Winter promises to make everyone lose their minds. This time of year always makes me extra dramatic, and on my two-block-trek -through -blowing-snow to a bus stop, I start to imagine myself as a Willa Cather character – plowing a field by hand, in the middle of Winter, in the Midwest, at the turn of the century – and it toughens me up a little. The best I can do to stay positive at this time of year, is to tell myself “it could be worse”, and then compare myself to a character in a book – like the one I recently finished: Ann-Marie Macdonald’s “Fall on your Knees”, which I mostly liked because of Frances, the sassy middle child who reminds me of pre-code film, impish female leads and Marlene Dietrich.

But, I digress. None of these books have much of anything to do with this post, unless maybe I subconsciously created outfits that the sisters in Fall on Your Knees would wear if they were modern day girls (but I doubt it). These are just a few transitional outfits I would wear, if my mornings could be spent pretending I was in a Nancy Mitford novel instead of dark depressing ones (even though they’re my favorite ones to read).

Here’s hoping you have nicer weather than here, wherever you are!


1. Steven Alan Cardigan & Skirt … 2. Vintage Blouse  … 3. Madewell Shoes & Bag … 4. Topshop Socks

1. Dusen Dusen dress … 2. Organic by John Patrick Oversized Cardigan … 3. Karen Walker “Anywhere” Sunglasses … 4. Tamsin Large Straw Clutch … 5. Madewell Necklace … 6. Swedish Hasbeens Braided Sky High Sandals

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