Ali Golden F/W 2013



Sorry that the shop and blog have been lagging these past couple of weeks. I take the blame entirely. Alex is pulling her weight as usual, but a crazy work week and daily yoga classes (Lindsay and I are doing a 30 day challenge – we go every day!) have my brain feeling like a bowl of oatmeal by the time I get home! I promised I’d have a post up last night before bed, but I totally forgot and cleaned my closet and drank a gin drink instead. Oops! Anyway – here is a please-forgive-me-Alex post, before today’s shop update!


This Ali Golden collection is a Fall/Winter one, but if I’m being honest, Spring has hardly reached Toronto at all, and the cold grey days have me layering sweater on top of sweater just to avoid wearing my Winter coat anymore. I can’t even look at anything colorful in my closet – it just reminds me that I don’t remember what it feels like to be warm.

Enough griping about the weather though (this blog is starting to feel like a journal about how sad the winter makes us!). I would wear every single piece in this collection – and my favourite part, is that I could even wear it to work. Can we also talk about how cute that blonde model’s hair looks with those little flipped out bangs?


Sorry again for being a bad blogger – I’ll be back on my game asap!




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