Shop Update (finally!!!)


1990’s Canary Yellow Collared Blouse

Well it’s been a minute! We decided to put shop updates on hold for a bit while we were preparing for our Pop-Up a few weekends ago, and then we agreed to another Pop-Up this weekend, and well, things have been hectic. But here we are.

Both Meaghan and I can say, very sincerely, with all of our hearts, it pains us to list this yellow blouse. It’s perfection incarnate. BUT! We will let her go, for a price. So virtually skip on over to the shop, and have a gander at some of our new items.


1990’s Pastel Pink Tank Top


1970/80’s Camel Colour Boho Dress


1980’s Patterned High-Waisted Midi Skirt


1970’s High-Waisted A-Line Button Up Skirt


1980’s High-Waisted Denim Skirt

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