Matt Skuza as Utah


Matt Skuza has been a dear friend of mine for many years (dating back to the good ol’ Ottawa goth days). And I have been enchanted by his photography for just as long. Matt does all of his art under the name Utah. He originally began with focus on photography, and then dove into the world of painting.

The thing that gets me about Matt’s photography is that it feels real, because most of the time, it is. His subjects are just living and breathing, and he captures those very moments, making you see beauty in simplicity. His cityscapes and landscapes feel much the same. You could walk by a street or building everyday and barely even see it, but Matt will see something special, or maybe not so special, and capture that moment, as it is, astonishing or mundane, I don’t believe there is any difference to him. And that’s why he is so endearing. His art and his life parallel each other so much, that it’s hard to find something to dislike because it is so genuine.

Matt currently resides in Vancouver, BC. If you live in the area, definitely keep an eye out for any shows he’s putting on or participating in. His art won’t disappoint you, and he’s also an incredibly interesting person to talk to if you love having deep convos about life.













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