Larkspur Summer 2013


Photography and design by Kira 

Styling and Modeling by Alex and Meaghan 


After a few hours of banging our heads against a wall trying to figure out how best to upload this thing – we’re finally ready to share the final Larkspur Summer 2013 lookbook with you all!

Kira worked her magic, like she always does, and managed to create a Lookbook Alex and I are so in love with, and so excited to share with you, and right in the nick of time, because we were starting to feel like all the odds were stacked against this  shoot ever even happening at all!

We also updated the shop with a lot of the Summer items in the lookbook – check it out here!

You can view the full Lookbook by clicking on the photo above, but we’ve also added a Lookbooks section to the main page of the blog. Click here to get to it.

The photos are also posted to our Tumblr and Facebook accounts.


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