70’s Shop Update

osych21960’s/70’s Psychedelic Paisley Print Button-Up Collared Shirt (S)

This week I got pretty lucky while thrifting! I found a good amount of pretty awesome vintage, in the same era, style and size. It was as if somebody came by and dropped off all their old clothing, and I came just in the nick of time to snatch it all up. I think it’s pretty obvious by now that I love loud prints and the 60’s/70’s in general, so I’ve got a few gems included in the shop this week. And if I was truly greedy, I would keep them all for myself! Hopefully something catches your eye!

cray21970’s style Creamy Floral Psychedelic Print Midi Dress (S)pinstripe21960’s/70’s Pink and White Pinstripe Collared Button-Up Shirt (S)
button21960’s/70’s Floral Button-Up Collared Shirt (S)skirt21960’s/70’s High-Waisted Geometric Ribbon Detail Circle Skirt (M)set21970’s Button-Up Collared Shirt and High-Waisted Trousers Set (S)



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