You’d be hard pressed to find secluded, quiet spots in Toronto, devoid of any humans. They sort of exist, but they are few and far between. Afterall, Toronto and the GTA holds 11.5 million people (Meg googled this yesterday), so it is perfectly logical that every bit of the city will have at least one other person there at any given time. It is strange for me, coming from suburban Ottawa, with a forest directly behind my families backyard, and having no trouble finding solitude. And god knows I needed it back then.

I fortunately live just a short walk away from a quiet(er) spot of Toronto (that is when Muzik night club is not blaring it’s music at 7pm, and everyone is wearing white and you wonder what happens inside there? And you’re probably lucky you don’t know). I was pressing my mind for quiet spots that I could snap some shots in the early hours of the morning. Scadding Cabin is always a safe bet (Meg and I took some film shots there in the winter), because I don’t think a lot of people know of it’s existence. In the summer it is hidden by large surrounding trees, and the only visitors are usually other photographers, cause there is really not much else to do there.

I was all by myself for quite a bit, which was a true pleasure. I could move about freely without concerning myself with quizzical passer bys: “okay, why is she crouching about, and how come she looks so sad, and why does she keep contorting her body every which way?” Eventually a photographer, make-up artist, and a woman in a giant gown showed up to snap shots of what I assume was for a wedding. Fortunately this cabin has four walls (duh!) and I could scoot  around to the next part when I felt too much like a strange woodland creature.

DSC_0130DSC_0142DSC_0144DSC_0149DSC_0154DSC_0160DSC_0187DSC_0199DSC_0204DSC_0207DSC_0201DSC_0233DSC_0238DSC_0251DSC_0254DSC_0253DSC_0212Blouse: thirfted vintage
Skirt: thrifted
Bow tie: handmade
Sandals: Miz Mooz

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