Fruits and Veggies by The Loved One


If you know me personally, you probably know I have a wee thing for The Loved One. At this point I own two pairs of Floral Remake Shorts (in fact I’m wearing the light pair right now), One Shocking Moment Bra and Bow Tie in black. So, you can understand my excitement when the first of their monthly look books entitled “Fruits and Veggies” was released. TLO’s aesthetic whispers to me in sweet sweet nothings. I cannot ever get enough of it. If ever there was a shop who picked the perfect photographers, most interesting models and delightfully quirky vintage, this would be it (in my opinion).  Put those hats on ma tête and those frocks on my body and i will skip away like a happy little school girl grandma.

Photography & Styling: Hannah Metz
Model: Tara Niami


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