Fall is here at Larkspur

DSC_01311….1980’s High Waisted Wool Floral Tapestry Skirt (S)

I updated the shop with some warm fall goodies today. The two wool skirts are such gems, it was a bit hard for me to decide to part ways with them. However, I own a few too many patterned skirts and thought I would just share the patterned skirt wealth. Pop by the shop and take a gander at what is new (and old).

DSC_02242….1950’s Sheer Cream Embroidered Peter Pan Collar Blouse (XXS/XS)

DSC_01983….1960’s White Knit Fringe Cape (Fits All)

DSC_02724….1940’s Rose Peter Pan Collar Embroidered Waist Tie Dress (S/M)

DSC_01685….1970’s Wool Tartan Full Midi Skirt (S/M)

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