Ginger Entanglement

AmandaCharchian-74-690This series by Amanda Charchian entitled “Ginger Entanglement” immediately struck my attention when I first happened upon it. The pale skin, rich ginger hair and sea foam backdrop compliment each other in such an immense way. I wish I could describe how perfect this series feels to me. It’s so simple really. And yet, it seems so complex because of her use of the female form. The models become abstract with the entwined braids, and caressing bodies, with arms coming from what seems like nowhere, free floating across each other – entangled, much like the braid. It’s refreshing to see someone using the human body as an actual object of art. Forming shapes, making you forget that these are actually 6 ginger headed adult women. Without faces, we feel a disconnect. Faces can be too real, too obvious. They are the cause for human connections. Our eyes. When you take that away you can create something that feels otherworldly. And apparently all it takes is some long hair, ivory skin, and extremities (oh, and obviously Amanda Charchian).





2 thoughts on “Ginger Entanglement

  1. brittansalisbury says:

    Yes, this is really fabulous. It’s like 6 friends, telling each other secrets, deeply connected. Thank you for sharing!


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