Eating Halloween


Happy Halloween all! In the spirit of All Hallows Eve, I thought i’d share this amazing food art by Lee Samantha. I think if my mother made these beautiful plates of food for me when I was a child, I probably wouldn’t have thrown so many broccoli under the table (maybe). I have only shared her Halloween themed plates, but she has all kinds of incredible-ness on her website and instagram if you are interested.

This year Halloween is pretty uneventful for me. I have not been the best at Halloween activities in recent years. A holiday that I used to anticipate every year, I now almost always forget about, and pathetically put together a half-ass costume. Although, last year I was Rosemary Woodhouse, which was a very simple and fun costume – a vintage nightgown, pillow strapped to my belly, and a knife in hand. In case you have very little time, and not many ideas, I highly suggest that one. Who doesn’t like Rosemary’s Baby anyway!?











4 thoughts on “Eating Halloween

  1. Sonya says:

    I refuse to watch Rosemary’s Baby for two reasons: 1) sounds very very scary and 2) I hate Roman Polanski because he’s a rapist piece of shit, and even though he’s a good director I still don’t want to watch his movies


  2. Jessica says:

    I’ve actually never seen Rosemary’s Baby. I’ve heard that it’s good, even though Roman Polanski is a horrible person. I had a pretty uneventful Halloween, also. It involved laundry. I think I’m just to old to do anything during the week now.

    Also, these plates are adorable!


    • LarkspurShoppe says:

      Yes, I think it’s agreed Roman Polanski is a shithole for sure. It’s too bad that in this society we still wholly accept people like that, just because they are talented…and I’m certainly no exception, since I’m a fan of several movies he directed.

      I also feel too old to do anything during the week. I’d rather get a good amount of sleep, and feel rested in the morning. ohhh old age. haha


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