Come on get down with the sickness (Richard Cheese version)


Well, I came down with quite the illness – one that I am all too familiar with. Since always, I have had issues with my god awful tonsils. They are incapable of doing their job (which is to fight illness) and leave me, at least 4 times a year, totally bed ridden, sounding like a weird frog, and unable to consume anything. This time around wasn’t quite as bad, since I managed to avoid needing emergency care for severe dehydration.  However, it looks like the end is near (hopefully). I have an appointment to see a specialist about having these stupids removed from me. It could solve my never-ending problem, or it may not…but it’s worth a try in my humble opinion.

I felt well enough today to get out of bed and snap some photos. They were very as is though – no make up, hair freshly washed/unbrushed, and wearing some of my very favourite underthings by Fortnight Lingerie (okay, that’s not as is, I put those on for the photos). I figured, if I’m not feeling well, why not just shoot myself the way I am at this very moment, no fussing, just a pale sick gal and her pretty (toronto-made!!) lingerie.





Bra & Panties: Fortnight Lingerie via The Future of Frances Watson




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