Where we are, where we are

DSC_1616Well I don’t know about you, but I had a very full weekend. My eyelids feel quite heavy this morning, and coffee may very well be my only saviour today (insert praying hands emoji). I cannot complain though, I much prefer busy to the boredom I feel when not much is going on. But does anyone else feel like everything always happens at once? Things can be very quiet one week, and the next I have dance, and Larkspur happenings, and events I should be attending, and tasks that have to get done – it really can feel quite overwhelming at times. However, I am very thankful for the loved ones who help me out in these times of madness. I’ve got some really wicked people on my side, and my heart feels very full because of that.

This kitchen table means a lot to me. I’ve had the people close to my heart sit on the other side of it and share their time with me. Whether it was over a bowl of home-made sangria, two wine glasses and good conversation, or eating (struggling to eat) dirt flavoured Bertie Botts (Harry Potter jelly beans) through bouts of laughter, or sharing a prepared breakfast with visiting friends who I miss almost daily – it has brought much joy into the times when the not much is happening. I cherish each of these moments, maybe more than the people who sat on the other side of it know. Tables and kitchens bring people together. They allow people to be present with each other. Whether it’s light-hearted conversation or in-depth, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that we do have good people who will sit on the other side and share the moments when you’ve got no where to be but here.







DSC_1634Dress: vintage via Common Sort
Kitchen Table: vintage via Meaghan via Public Butter


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