Larkspur / Odd Finds General Store

1396534429.251221.IMG_0707-3I’ve got some pretty exciting news to share with you today! Starting May, you will be able to find Larkspur at Odd Finds General Store and Tea Shop here in Toronto. I will continue to sell online for my far away customers who are unable to shop in the flesh, but this will be very exciting for the local customers who like trying things on and don’t want to pay shipping. It’s a win win situation. I plan on making a more thorough post on the shop, as it is amazing, and shop owners Stacey and Danielle are some pretty neat gals who deserve a post dedicated to the great things they do. All this being said, the online shop has been fairly quiet since a lot has been happening for Larkspur in non-virtual life. But this weekend I’m shooting my April lookbook with a babely babe and plan to have some new things listed online by the end of next week, so keep an eye out!

Odd-Finds1-624x395*photo via Toronto Life

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