I hear the train a comin’

DSC_2855As the weather warms it has become increasingly difficult to find places to shoot my outfits that are void of people or passer-bys. I’ve lived in 6 different homes in my 7 yrs of living in Toronto and I was wracking my brain of spots I knew of that would have little to no people (since I’m growing tired of the spots I usually shoot at). It’s probably because my best friend Kristen was in town this past weekend (yay!!!) that it got me thinking of the apartment/house we used to live in, and that I was reminded of the train tracks that are next to the house we shared together (yes, we did move into a place that had train tracks RIGHT next to it, and yes, the house did shake because this railway is used often!) It was the perfect spot. I chose not to shoot directly on the tracks because, as I said, they are used often and a few trains zoomed by me while I was shooting, so safety first kids. Anyway, I’m pretty excited to be able to wear my TLO shorts again, and to have no concern about my fingertips falling off while I adjust my camera settings. All is well in my world right now – the sun is shining, the parks are ready for my butt and beers (illegal), and I’ve got some exciting projects coming up. Hope you all had a lovely weekend!










DSC_2852Blouse: H&M (a few years back)
Shorts: TLO remake shorts
Hat: vintage via Common Sort
Shoes: thrifted vintage
Socks: Target
Necklace: gift


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