Big Gulp

DSC_3067So I have been quite ill for 2 weeks without really knowing it for the first week when I started to feel a tremendous amount of pain in my side. And while I feel very lucky to live in a country with free healthcare and receive benefits from my day job that help pay for medications etc, it sometimes makes me skeptical about our healthcare system and the way walk-in clinic doctors treat patients. I’m sure things would have been different had I my own doctor, but I’m sometimes bad at being an adult and never got around to doing that. However, this situation has made me realize the importance of finding my own doctor, as well as really taking care of myself. I like to think of most tough situations in life as a sign, or lesson in something I should consider more often. In this case, I’m working hard at not pushing myself too hard, not stressing myself out so much, and just leading a more relaxed, healthy lifestyle so all other things fall into place. I’m not sure who decided we had to rush through life each and every day, but I am and have been guilty of this for years. Our frame of mind effects more than just our moods, in this specific case, I think my frame of mind was the very reason I became ill. But, despite all this, and once a very kind and wonderful person helped me get the medication and treatment I needed, things started to feel much better, both mentally and physically. Ryan and I spent most of yesterday outside at Trinity Bellwoods Park, drinking Big Gulp (mine was actually just Dr. Pepper), taking pictures, chatting and wearing some new favorite pieces that make me feel perfectly 60s/70s flower power/go-go dancing/school girl/obnoxiously bright vibes. Thing are on the up, for sure, and I’m lucky to have such a handsome dude that makes me smile even when I’d rather be crying from pain.

*photos by Ryan









DSC_3070Blouse & skirt: Common Sort
Sunglasses: UO
Socks: H&M
Shoes: thrifted vintage
Big Gulp: 7/11

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