good night, day pre-fall 2014

10306456_734520803250928_6521156030650224830_nThe weather has been quite warm, and I think it will be staying that way for a good while now, so it seems a bit silly to even be considering warm garments like wool knits. But just a few weeks back Tara-Lynn Morrison, the talented gal behind the Canadian knit-wear label, good night, day, released her Pre-Fall collection, and it is just too good not to share. Strange it seems, just this past weekend I was saying to Ryan how I wish it was socially acceptable to wear a blanket outside during winter without fear of being deemed a wee bit nutty, and behold, the Bloomfield Blanket Lace Wrap – just the sort of thing I have been dreaming of for years now! GND always has such gorgeous, quality knits that I absolutely love collection after collection, so it actually seems ridiculous I do not own my own piece at this point. This is an issue I shall rectify in due time.

Check out the whole collection, lookbook, and past collections here.

Photography: Hollie Pocsai
Model: Brooke Manning
Additional clothes: Lauren Winter


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