Belle Vie / 10

DSC_3095DSC_3200DSC_3105DSC_3197DSC_3088DSC_3098DSC_3154DSC_3103DSC_3204DSC_3207DSC_3151DSC_31471. Sipping coffee in the sun room at Ryan’s dad’s home. This is our favorite room to start the day when visiting.
2. Beach feet.
3. Blue skies and yellow umbrellas.
4. We spent a lot of time at the beach this past weekend, which is ironic since I’m a ginger who burns within 5 minutes of direct sunlight on the ol’ pale skin.
5. Beans, Ebony…she has a lot of names, and none of them really describe what a wonderful dog she is.
6. Playing his acoustic guitar again. It’s funny, I only seem to photograph him when he plays his acoustic, but he really loves his black and tan Les Paul the most, and plays it way more often.
7. They have burned all the trees in the “Tree Preservation Area”.
8. Tullah, oh wee Tullah. I swear to you, small fluffy dogs love me, they just know, at heart, I am one of them.
9. Just some pretties chillin at the beach.
10. Moody beach bum.
11.The tiniest pine cone. There was another picture we took with these wee pine cones, but it was out of focus, which is such a shame, it would have been a great pic.
12. He is always highly entertaining to take pictures of. I sometimes think he is more comfortable in front of the camera than I am.

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